City of Lakewood seizes brewery for failure to remit sale tax

LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- On Tuesday, the city of Lakewood seized a popular brewery that has been in business for three decades.

The owner of Ironworks Brewery and Pub is accused of not paying taxes. The city of Lakewood says Mike R. Mader was 10 months delinquent on remitting sales tax to the city.

Payment plans were created as a way to mitigate the issue but Ironworks defaulted, according to Lakewood revenue manager Erin Nordmann. I

ronworks, near West Alameda Parkway and South Union Boulevard, owes a total of $15,408.78. That amount, Nordmann said, is one of the highest -- if not the highest -- amount owed by any current offending business in the city.

“If he doesn’t pay, then it will go to auction,” Nordmann said. “If we don’t secure enough money after selling at auction, then we will issue a summons.”

If cited for failure to pay, Mader would face a criminal complaint that would be equivalent to a misdemeanor. He has 10 days to pay.

FOX31 and Channel 2 reached out to Mader for comment.

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