What to do with tree branches broken in late-May snowstorm

DENVER -- The snow from Monday's storm is melting quickly, but it left behind quite the mess. Broken tree branches line many metro-area streets.

The weight of the snow on the branches full of leaves was just too much.

In Wheat Ridge, Eugene Pontius had a massive limb fall into his driveway.

“It missed both vehicles and the house,” he said.

Many people could clean up the limbs that were on the ground, but the crew at Bear Creek Tree Service got called in for some tricky work. Staff climbed trees with ropes and chainsaws to handle branches that broke, but did not fall.

If a broken branch damaged your vehicle or home, experts say no matter where the branch came from, the person who owns the car or house should call their own insurance company.

For Denver residents, if the branches are less than 4 inches in diameter, you can cut them into 4-foot lengths and bundle them for extra-trash pickup. Or, you can take them to the Cherry Creek Recycling Drop-off Center for free.

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