Snowstorm leads to flight cancellations, strands travelers at DIA

DENVER -- A late-season snowstorm led to flight cancellations at Denver International Airport on Monday night and Tuesday morning, leaving several hundred travelers stranded.

According to FlightAware, there were 82 canceled flights into and out of DIA on Monday and 650 delays. There were 113 canceled flights and 589 delays on Tuesday.

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A massive line of passengers was seen waiting in lines to get rebooked on flights.

Several people were seen sleeping in the airport on Tuesday morning.

Passengers said they sat on the tarmac for several hours Monday night waiting for planes to be deiced.

But airline crews timed out and passengers were brought back to the terminal where they were stranded overnight.

More than a dozen passengers on Southwest and United flights said they spent more than five hours on the tarmac.

The U.S. Department of Transportation says passengers cannot spend more than three hours on the tarmac for domestic flights.

Southwest said in a statement that it experienced unusually long delays because of a number of factors, including long taxi times related to deicing of planes.

The airline said seven flights were canceled Monday night after crews were timed out. Southwest said by 9 a.m. that lines and operations had returned to normal.

Not only was there bad weather in Colorado, but severe weather in Oklahoma impacted travel into and out of DIA.

"I'm traveling to Kansas City to see my son who is deploying and all I wanted to do was get there and put my arms around him," traveler Barb Bechtold of California said.

"Now I'll wait until 7:30 (Tuesday) night to do that."

Officials said anyone with a flight should check their status before going to the airport. And officials said there will be long lines until airlines can get stranded passengers rebooked.

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