Monument gets slammed with snow, schools close

MONUMENT, Colo. -- Areas south of Denver received significant accumulation from Monday's storm. In Monument, 15 inches were reported. It was enough to close schools Tuesday.

“It’s May, supposed to be summer almost," Kya Martin said. “It’s Colorado for ya."

“I’m supposed to graduating on Friday, it’s a little insane too," Lauren Godbey said.

People in Monument spend Tuesday shoveling driveways and removing tree branches that snapped under the weight of the snow.

"I got family coming up for my daughter's graduation. I told them weather out here is multi-personality weather. You never know what you’re going to get. Beautiful today, snowing tomorrow, and then hot and sunny the next day," Ruel Godbey said.

“There are crazier things that could happen," Lauren Godbey said.

While the Godbey family laughs at the situation, Kya Martin says enough is enough.

“Kind of frustrating," Martin said. “We have to take them [to school] another extra day, and we’re supposed to get out on Thursday; now, Friday.”

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