Denver looking for 5 families with City Park Golf Course memorials

DENVER -- History and legacy can be vulnerable when change sweeps through, but Denver Parks and Recreation is taking steps to preserve the rich traditions of an iconic golf course as it goes through a complete remodel.

The Denver City Park Golf Course had 27 memorials that used to be scattered around the sprawling course. They will need new homes once construction is complete.

Parks and Recreation has been working with each of the families to find a new plan for those memorials once the course reopens, slated possibly for spring 2020.

“We want to honor those individuals on the new course in the right way,” said Parks and Recreation deputy director Scott Gilmore. “The golf course is over 100 years old. There are so many stories on this golf course.”

The families are getting options for how they would like their memorials to fit into the new course. They can choose a new location for the old memorials, or families can elect to get new benches for their loved ones. The city is offering to allow families to keep the old benches at their home, or even have their loved ones memorialized in the new club house.

The city still needs to get in contact with the following families of these memorials:

James “Jenks” and Bernice Jenkins

Don M. Adams

Earl G. Brown

Vicki (no last name listed)

Eunice Prince

If you are a friend or family member of these unclaimed memorials, please contact Pam Smith at 720-865-0455 or to help the city finalize arrangements.

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