Arvada woman who makes handgun purses fears trade war with China could hurt business

ARVADA, Colo. — An Arvada woman is worried that President Donald Trump’s trade war with China could hurt her business.

Diana West designed a line called Lady Conceal. She specializes in making purses that can conceal weapons.

“I don’t think it’s going to shut the door, but I’m not going to be able to keep growing. It’s hard for small businesses,” West said of the trade war.

West said tariffs on the leather she uses to make her purses have increased by 41 percent. The price of an $80 purse could increase by $25.

“[It] is just outrageous and if I put that in the cost of my purses, they are going to be over $100. And that’s hard for people to purchase,” West said.

She and her husband, Steve West, run the “It’s in the Bag Boutique” online store out of their home.

“They’ll hit a point where you’re not moving as much product. There will always be someone buying, but maybe the difference between $80 and $100 is the breaking point for some people,” Steve West said.

Diana had hoped to add new lines of purses, but those plans are on hold for now.

West is expecting  a huge shipment of new purses next week.

The big question now is: how much will she have to increase the prices, and will customers keeping ordering them?

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