Bear surprises Estes Park woman and totals her car

ESTES PARK, Colo. -- We are hearing from a woman who had a close encounter with a bear. She found it in her car, which had been shred to pieces.

This is that time of year when bears become active and are out looking for food. Wildlife officers say you should be on the lookout.

On Old Man Mountain Lane in Estes Park, Kenna Pittman had the scare of her life.

The inside of her Ford Focus had been torn to pieces by a bear that she did not know was still in the car.

Pittman said, “It just destroyed the whole inside. I came running in and I was like 'come down here fast quick.'"

Pittman says she thought she had locked her door.

Bears have broken into her family’s cars before.

“I was scared. I was just freaking out because I know what they can do and at that time I just pulled my hand away and I came inside and called 911," said Pittman.

Parks and wildlife officers were also called.

The Parks and Wild life department says you should - among other things - install bars to keep bears out of your home, keep garage doors closed and even play light music when you're away.

Kenna Pittmans’ advice:

“Lock your doors," she says, so that this hopefully doesn’t happen to you.

Parks and wildlife officers say people should always let them know if there are any kinds of issues with bears.

Those officers say they might be able to track that bear down, prevent a problem, and save its life.

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