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Measure on Denver June ballot could restrict city funding for possible Olympic Games

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DENVER -- Denver will not be hosting the Olympics any time soon. In December, the United States Olympic Committee announced that Salt Lake City would represent the U.S. in a potential bid for the 2030 event.

The possibility of hosting an Olympic Games has long been a contentious topic in the Mile High City. Denver voters famously decided against hosting the 1976 games after winning the bid.

During the June 4 election, voters will again be able to decide on an Olympics-related measure.

Ordinance 302 would require voter approval for the allocation of city funds toward a possible Olympics.

A "yes" vote on 302 would be in favor of amending the municipal code to prohibit the city and county from using public funds in connection with future Olympic Games unless voters approve of it.

A "no" vote is a vote against amending the municipal code to add restrictions on the use of public funds for future Olympic Games.

“I wouldn’t vote to gain more money to bring the Olympics here,” said voter Holly Haid.

However, some people are not against Denver and surrounding areas hosting the event.

“People know about Denver now. People are like, 'I don’t want the Olympics to be here now because it’s going to bring more people in.’ San Diego exploded and we tried to stop it. You can’t. People want to live in a place, they’re going to live there," said Denver voter Joey Hoisescu.

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