Support the Shield campaign raises over $700,000 to support law enforcement

DENVER -- FOX31 Denver and Colorado’s Own Channel 2 have wrapped up a successful second year of the Support the Shield campaign in partnership with the Safeway Foundation, raising more than $700,000 to support Colorado law enforcement.

That brings the total amount raised to support law enforcement to $1,382,000 in the past two years.

The campaign with the Safeway Foundation ran from April 1 to May 12 and encouraged Safeway shoppers to contribute $1, $2, $5 or more when they were checking out with their groceries. That statewide campaign raised more than $552,000.

The six-week point-of-sale campaign at local Safeway stores will equally benefit Shield 616, which provides rifle-ready protective gear to first responders, and Concerns of Police Survivors, which supports families and colleagues who have lost a law enforcement member in the line of duty.

Nearly 300,000 Safeway customers contributed to the campaign, and Oreos and Body Armor included additional donations from product sales.

In addition, FOX31 and Channel 2 hosted a one-day phone bank on April 8, and Front Range viewers raised $150,000 to support Shield 616 directly.

In total, since early 2018 when Coloradans faced the loss of three deputies who were killed in the line of duty within six weeks, they’ve donated nearly $1.4 million to support law enforcement.

“Our Colorado community has shown a real heart to help our law enforcement officials obtain the gear they need and support families who have lost a loved one,” said Joan Barrett, vice president and general manager of KDVR-TV and KWGN-TV.

“Being able to come together has been tremendously rewarding for all of us at FOX31 and Channel 2. Having the combination of a fantastic partner like Safeway and a community who rallies behind noble causes has allowed all of us to have a hand in taking positive steps to keep our community -- and those who protect our community -- safe.”

“Thanks to the generosity of our customers and employees, we exceeded our goals for the campaign and raised more than $100,000 over last year," said Kris Staaf, director of public affairs with the Safeway Denver Division.

"Having a partner like FOX31 and Channel 2 really heightened the awareness of the campaign and we are incredibly proud to present two great organizations with funds that will directly impact the men, women and families of law enforcement around the state."

“To have such a significant partnership with FOX31, Channel 2 and Safeway provides opportunities to make large impacts on agencies across multiple states,” said Jake Skifstad, founder and president of Shield 616.

“This partnership is also a great example of how the community shows their support for their law enforcement.”

With the money raised, Shield 616 will be able to outfit hundreds of officers from the local communities in which donations were made.

In addition, hundreds of families who have had a family member killed in the line of duty will benefit from C.O.P.S., whose mission it is to support the families who have paid the ultimate price.

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