Local business busy removing bees from Colorado homes

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AURORA, Colo. -- It is currently bee season in Colorado. The insects play a critical role to the ecosystem, but oftentimes, people request a hive be removed from their home.

Gregg McMahan founded Rocky Mountain Bee Removal, which specializes in removing hives from homes and relocating the insects.

"I get so excited about bees and want to just share it with everybody," McMahan said.

He has been a surfer, woodworker and musician in the past. But 12 years ago, he says he fell in love with bees,

“That excitement you’ve looked for your whole life, your first love, every time I open a hive, it just reminds me of my first love," McMahan said.

McMahon said people should be careful around bees.

"No matter if it’s a swarm hanging in the tree or bees in the wall of your house, they can be aggressive," he said.

On Tuesday, he worked to remove about 40,000 bees from a home in Aurora.

"They stung me so bad. I had a bee suit on. They stung me through the bee suit. I had to get a second layer on today, so I know I’ve taken over 100 today," McMahan said, referring to the number of stings.

McMahan uses a unique device to remove the bees without killing many of them. It uses a vacuum and a live capture chamber.

While some of the bees die, the rest are relocated to Standley  Lake Regional Park and Wildlife Refuge.

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