Tiny Home Village relocates from Rino to Globeville

It was moving day for the Tiny Home Village, which is in the process of relocating from Rino to Globeville.

The homes being relocated to a lot near 44th and Pearl.

“I saw the first one—the one with the wheels on and said, ‘yay, they’re moving in finally!,’” said Toni Weber, as she watched crews move homes onto the new site.

Weber lives across the street from the future Tiny Home Village.

Other people in the area weren’t as excited to welcome in their soon-to-be new neighbors.

“Globeville has been an invisible community.  And now we’re thrust into the spotlight and it’s not a very positive spotlight,” said a neighbor, who chose to only give us her first name—Angela.

She’s part of a group called “Globeville First,” whose members opposed this proposal.

Angela asked not be put on camera, but wanted her voice heard—because she says it’s not being heard by the city, or Colorado Village Collaborative.

“We’re bringing up questions and they’re not being answered,” she told FOX31.

Colorado Village Collaborative worked with the city to make this project happen.

CVC co-director Tanya Salih says Denver is in a housing crisis—and believes this is a start to addressing that problem

“This is a pilot.  This is a really creative way to approach finding innovative solutions,” said Salih.

“These houses can be built in two months.  They’re mobile.  they provide people a stable, safe place for healing,” she added.

But Angela says its not the homeless population she takes issue with.”

“It’s the process,” she said.

“When it first came in, in January, when we were approached as a neighborhood—there had already been conversations with the city.  All of sudden we’re getting this flyer that says ‘tiny homeless village is moving in.’  And that was it.”

Toni Weber admits she was on the fence at first, too, but has since come around to the village moving in across the street.

“I’m on a housing program, so i feel like everyone deserves a place to stay.”

She tells Fox31 she felt more comfortable after learning tenants have to sign an agreement—forbidding them from abusing alcohol, using illegal substances, or possessing weapons… among other stipulations.

The Colorado Village Collaborative says they also don’t allow sex offenders to live on the site.

The current tenants are being put up in a hotel for several weeks, until they’re able to move back in to the newly-relocated homes.

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