CDOT attempts to draw attention to distracted driving

DENVER — The Colorado Department of transportation say they are leading a statewide charge to tackle the issue of distracted driving.

They’re calling it the GET TURNED ON campaign and they are kicking it off at the DU campus.

“Driving distracted is something incredibly dangerous,” said CDOT’S Sam Cole.

CDOT’s warning is clear and to the point, “We are here at the DU campus because this is our target audience.”

CDOT says young people in their 20’s are at huge risk when it comes to crashes. “They are also our digital generation – they’re the ones that are most likely to be on their phones,” said Cole.

“We have 15,000 crashes per year in the state that involves a distracted driver.” It’s bad enough on foot, just don’t add a steering wheel to the mix.

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