Nationwide moment of silence for Kendrick Castillo

by Laura Wilson

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. --Kendrick Castillo's memory was honored by  the sound of silence on Saturday night all over the country.

“What Kendrick did has been able to keep a positive focus on just the bravery and the other students that were saved because of him,” community member Deana Deese said.

“I know it wasn’t a long time that we’re here. But at least it’s a moment to recognize how brave Kendrick was,” said Deese, after leading a prayer at the park.

Five minutes away from the park— another moment of silence in front of a growing memorial outside STEM school. One of the students tells Fox31 the timing was coincidental.

“We didn’t really know about that. I think it’s fate. That’s just kind of what I believe in,” said Kristina Nenova.

She and her friends joined hands with two others at the memorial, whom they had never met.

"They actually told us they were from Nebraska. They just asked to pray for us,” Nenova.

Nenova hopes this moment of prayer will show support and strength for those who need it most right now.

“This is kind of like our family. Highlands Ranch has become our home. If our school went through this, we wouldn’t want to be forgotten.”

Those who came together Saturday night have vowed to never forget Kendrick Castillo.

“We just hope that his family recognizes everybody here—nationwide—is going to remember this 18-year-old forever,” said Deese.

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