Kendrick Castillo’s father wants to focus on the solution

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — Despite losing his son, John Castillo wants the world to know the support pouring in for their family has kept them strong.

Four days after the STEM school shooting that causes the loss of Kendrick’s life as he tried to stop the gunman, Castillo has had time to reflect.

“We don’t feel our son in our house and we break down,” Castillo said. “And that’s gonna be a thing that’s quite a while I imagine. The only way we can heal is to hear the story. The positive story.”

Castillo describes the past couple days as a “roller coaster of grief,” but the support, especially from those who understand his family’s pain, has helped.

“I’ve had Columbine families that have reached out and come to me and I feel like they’re being guided by my son who was taken,” Castillo said. “What is getting us through all this is we have people not just here in Colorado but around the world getting to know my son Kendrick and the great thing that he did. His heroism.”

That heroism is helping Castillo shape a strong message of how we talk about school safety in the wake of these shootings.

“When we see these tragedies, don’t focus on the tragedy, focus on the solution,” Castillo said.

His message to families: cherish what you love. The extra time spent is not time wasted.

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