Weld County woman sentenced for stealing over $180K from postal service

DENVER – A Weld County woman was sentenced to over a year in prison for defauding the U.S. Postal Service by mail fraud, the District of Colorado Department of Justice announced Tuesday.

Lorrine Kimmel, 48, was sentenced to serve 15 months in federal prison, followed by three years on supervised release.

Kimmel was also ordered to pay $188,575 in restitution. Kimmel was charged on Aug. 29, 2018. She pled guilty to mail fraud on Nov. 8, 2018.

According to court documents, between October 2014 and July 2018, Kimmel engaged in a complex scheme to defraud the USPS by filing 770 false insurance claims where she claimed that the contents of parcels she had mailed were damaged.

Kimmel initiated each false claim by mailing as many as ten or more packages per week from her local post office in Kersey, Colorado, or a larger, nearby post office in Greeley.

She typically falsely claimed that the items she was shipping were purchased by customers and were damaged in transit.

The recipients listed on most of the parcels were either fakes or had never ordered anything from Kimmel or her business.

She then purchased insurance on each of those packages, and attempted to defeat detection by using different addresses and email addresses for each of those packages.

During the three year period, Kimmel filed insurance claims with the U.S. Postal Service totaling $227,005, and, of those claims, she was paid $188,575.

She used this scheme to obtain tax-free money to finance her personal expenses.

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