Cinco de Mayo at the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

DENVER – Cinco de Mayo is this weekend and there are many options here in the metro area to enjoy a glass of margarita and some tasty chips and guac, but if you haven’t been to the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant you might want to this weekend.

The Rio has been serving Colorado its own brand of fresh TexMex, using locally sourced ingredients and from scratch recipes since 1986.

Today they stop by the studio to show off their cocktails and scratch made guacamole.

Here’s the recipe you can make at home.

Guacamole Recipe:

6 Avocados

0.25 fl oz lime juice

0.25 Tbsp Salt

0.25 Tbsp Garlic


  1. Carefully pit and spoon avocados into a bowl
  2. Squeeze in lime and add garlic and salt.
  3. Mash them together with the mighty masher. A few lumps are OK as long as they are not hard unripe avocados.
  4. Store the guacamole properly in a plastic 6-inch deep insert pan. Film should be pressed against the top to prevent browning.
  5. It is sprinkled with cotija cheese and plated with pico de gallo – a mixture of diced onions, jalapenos, and tomatoes – and cilantro. This allows the guest the opportunity to decide if they want it all mixed together or not.

There are couple locations here in Colorado, check out their website for the location near you.

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