Humble hero of I-70 has no regrets

DENVER — Meleia Harsch witnessed witnessed the speeding truck crash into Leslie Maddox car onThursday's fatal crash on Interstate 70.

“You could feel the flames on your back as you’re walking away … and then you just heard — ‘boom. Boom, boom, boom,’” Harsch said. “All I saw in her car was airbags.”

Even though Harsh is 6 weeks pregnant her medical instincts kicked in over her maternal one — she gravitated toward the danger.

“I wasn’t thinking, ‘oh I have an unborn baby and two kids at home, ' I was thinking, ‘someone’s in trouble and I need to help them.’”

Harsch and several other people helped pull Maddox from her car that was pinned between two other vehicles and got her to safety. Maddox hailing Harsch as a hero.

“If that truck would have blown more, we could have both gone,” Maddox said Friday. “I’m lucky to be alive."

The soon-to-be paramedic tells Fox31 she wished she could have done even more.

“There wouldn't have been deaths had a hero been there. I helped one person and that was it. I'm sure the firefighters and the paramedics helped way more people than one person, but they don't get called out by name for it,” Harsch said.

Grateful that her children were not in the car, however, a visit to the emergency room revealed she sustained bruising to her uterus, that could potentially cause a miscarriage.

“Until it heals, it could cause a miscarriage and there’s nothing I can do about it, The doctors said the baby looks OK — so they’re not terribly concerned about it at the time, which makes me feel happy," Harsch said.

Harsch thinks it's likely her car is totaled and is still trying to arrange transportation to and from her job in Evergreen.

She’s staying positive, telling Fox31she has no regrets about putting herself in harm’s way to help a stranger.

“Definitely not — I would it again in a heartbeat.”

A gofundme has been set up by her friends.

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