15-year-old driver slams on the gas, narrowly escapes flames in I-70 crash

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- We continue to hear stories of survival and bravery following the crash and fire on Interstate 70 in Lakewood.

Adison Nordby, 15, and her father were underneath the Denver West Colorado Mills Parkway bridge when the crash occurred.

“As we were coming out from under the bridge is when the semi came barreling through," Nordby said. “We got hit and that’s when [my dad] told me to go, because the fire, that’s when it exploded. The fire was chasing us from under the bridge and my dad’s like, 'Go, go, go.' It was the scariest thing ever.”

Scott Nordby, Adison's father, said they were fortunate to escape.

“She pushed the wheel and all of sudden, it just opened up and we drove out of it," Scott said. “God was hands down around us."

The story doesn't end there.

“He went running back to the scene, where cars were blowing up, to see if he could try to save anybody. And he pulled a woman out of a car," Adison said talking about her father.

The family knows so many others were not as lucky and will continue to cherish the moments they have together.

Adison is a new driver, she just has her learner's permit and has only been driving since February.

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