City of Calgary makes good on losing bet with Denver over Avalanche playoffs

DENVER — The city of Calgary made good on its bet with the city of Denver to call the Mile High City the “real hockey town” after the Colorado Avalanche beat the Calgary Flames in round one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

“Denver is a REAL hockey town. Congrats on the series @CityofDenver and good luck in round 2 against the Sharks ๐Ÿฆˆ @Avalanche. ๐Ÿ˜‰#GoAvsGo #StanleyCup” the city tweeted on Wednesday morning.

The city even changed its cover photo on Twitter to a team photo of the Avalanche that says “Go Avs Go.”

City of Calgary changes its Twitter cover to the Colorado Avalanche

The two cities made the bet ahead of round one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in which the Avalanche faced off against the Flames. Colorado won the series in five games and advanced to round two of the playoffs where they will face the San Jose Sharks.

The series against the Sharks begins in San Jose on Friday.

And if you’re a new fan of the Avalanche, check out our 20 facts about the Avs.

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