Learn ABCs of bike safety as prime cycling season approaches

DENVER -- Colorado is ranked sixth in the nation for bike-friendly states.

As the temperature rises, so does the number of bikes on the road. The FOX31 Problem Solvers spent a little time at Bicycle Village for some advice on how to ride the right way.

First off, make sure your bike is safe.

“Think of it as your ABCs: you have your air, brakes and chains,” said Dwight DeBroux from Bicycle Village.

Bikes are like cars: new models every year tempt you and your wallet. But bikes, like cars, will last a long time if you just do the proper maintenance.

The one aspect of the ride you should consider every year is safety. As helmet technology changes, so should you.

"What it does at first is it flexes, crumples and then it glides. And it’s technology they’ve taken from the auto industry," noted DeBroux .

If your bike is more like a boat anchor, then before you buy another, you should consider it as a bike that has to fit your body like clothes.

"A proper fitting bike is really critical because it increases your comfort, which means you’re going to ride more, you’re going to have better control of the bike and it’s going to be safer," said DeBroux .

With cellphones distracting drivers like never before, be alert, be safe and ride like the wind.

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