Here are the worst counties in Colorado for hail damage last year

DENVER — We all know Colorado has seen some pretty bad hailstorms in recent years and with severe weather season just around the corner a new report shows the counties that have seen the most damage from Mother Nature.

In recent years, Coloradoans have spent $3 billion in insured losses, according to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association. In 2018 alone,  Colorado had record damage and insurance claims.

Here are the top 10 counties with the most hail and wind damage in 2018, according to Allstate.

  1. Adams
  2. El Paso
  3. Weld
  4. Boulder
  5. Arapahoe
  6. Jefferson
  7. Larimer
  8. Denver
  9. Douglas
  10. Broomfield

There are several ways to protect yourself and your vehicle during a hail storm:

  • If the Pinpoint Weather team has hail in the forecast – get your vehicle into a garage or covered parking lot.
  • If caught in your car during a hailstorm, find an area where it’s safe to pull over and stop driving.
  • Stay in your vehicle until the hail completely stops.
  • Avoid the vehicle’s windows and cover your eyes with something in case the windows shatter. If you are able, try getting onto the floor face down or laying on your seat facing away from windows.
  • Protect small children from windows (with your body) and cover their eyes.

But if you don’t have a garage or covered parking, you could always take some tips from these people in Texas.

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