Family of trench worker killed in Windsor accident pursuing legal action

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WINDSOR, Colo.— The road ahead will be anything but easy for Johanna Avita Hernandez.

“Day by day. I know it’s only gonna get harder for me,” Avita Hernandez said. “I feel like I’m waiting for him to come home from work.”

Last week, Cristopher Ramirez and Jorge Valadez were killed trying to fix a leak at the bottom of a trench 15-feet-deep at a Windsor construction site.

“He was going to come home to me that night, and he stopped to help, like always. He always wanted to help,” Avita Hernandez said.

Now, she and her family are left with memories. Avita Hernandez says Ramirez always wanted to make jokes, and there was never a dull moment. The two met over a year ago and quickly fell in love. Avita Hernandez is expecting to give birth to his son this summer.

“I really don’t know what to tell him besides you know your daddy loved, he died doing what he loved: helping,” Avita Hernandez said. “My biggest thing is I don’t know what I’m gonna tell him.”

Despite grappling with questions, Avita Hernandez says Ramirez left her the greatest gift of all: a son to carry on his legacy.

“What I look forward to is my son being just like that. I feel like he’s going to be reborn,” Avita Hernandez said. “I want to name him after his Dad. And he’ll be junior.”

Her family has hired an attorney and plan to take legal action. First responders tell FOX31 there were no trench boxes or shoring in place in this trench when they got on scene. OSHA is investigating the collapse.

GoFundMe pages have been established for the families of Valadez and Ramirez.

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