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Thousands gather in Denver’s Civic Center Park for world’s largest 4/20 festival

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DENVER -- The world's largest 4/20 event takes place in downtown Denver's Civic Center Park. Parts of Colfax Avenue and Bannock Street were closed off as thousands packed the park Saturday.

The festival is now a tradition in Denver and has continued the legalization of recreational marijuana about five years ago. The people FOX31 talked to at the festival say the event is about more than one might assume.

“A pretty chill experience," one person said. “You just get to talk to everyone -- everyone’s here.”

There were all types of people from different walks of life at the festival. It's a day during which some choose to celebrate their love of weed, but people say don't assume they're just in attendance for the marijuana.

“A lot of people I feel like come here to get together, you know, and meet new people," one attendee said. “There’s different types of people you probably wouldn’t normally like say 'hi' to or, like, maybe even think to talk to on the street, but like here you’re just [as] one.”

FOX31 did meet people at the festival who were there for more obvious reasons. This year's headliner is T.I. The festival website reminds people that even on 4/20, public consumption of marijuana is illegal.

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