Discussion about long-term federal support following mass shootings

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DENVER — Columbine survivors and their family members met with politicians in Denver on Tuesday to discuss the need for long-term federal support to help communities reeling from mass shootings.

Among those in attendance was Coni Sanders. Her father, David Sanders, was killed during the Columbine massacre.

"I think it’s important we stay focused on what we can do and this was part of the conversation — about how we treat people that have trauma, how we improve mental health, [and] what we can do about gun violence prevention,” Sanders said.

Former Colorado Governor and current Democratic Presidential Candidate John Hickenlooper also joined the conversation.

Hickenlooper, as well as other attendees, discussed the need for federal assistance when it comes to providing long-term trauma-informed care to help survivors, their family members and first responders who’ve been called to mass shootings.

"When we experience a tragedy, we all in some sense experience it. And I think there’s a shared responsibility that we read out to those who have been most directly affected,” Hickenlooper said.

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