Drug use in Union Station bathrooms down after installation of new doors, RTD says

DENVER -- RTD said drug use inside bathrooms in Union Station's bus terminal is down since it installed custom doors that allow security guards to more easily keep tabs on what's happening behind the door.

In December, RTD removed the doors entirely as it waited for custom doors to arrive. RTD said in a statement that it made the decision because of drug use.

“This temporary action was taken for the security and safety of RTD patrons and staff. At Union Station in 2018, there have been 83 RTD-recorded, narcotic-related law enforcement calls involving the restrooms. Denver Health reports 406 calls for medical response at Union Station this year, many of which were drug-related."

RTD has since installed new, custom doors that give patrons privacy while giving security the opportunity to see inside the stall if they're concerned about suspicious activity.

RTD Spokesperson Tina Jaquez said security guards have already noticed a difference.

"We certainly feel like we are providing a safer environment for our customers and that’s definitely what we want to do," said Jaquez.

Jaquez said RTD could install similar doors in other terminal restrooms where drug use is a problem.

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