Coloradans feel the loss at Notre Dame

DENVER--The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris thousands of miles away, but it touches a strong emotional chord with people here in Colorado.  Mass at the Denver Cathedral included a prayer for the people affected.  “Honestly, it’s heartbreaking,” said Olivia Hurst.  “There’s a reason why it’s so famous.  It changes hearts,” she said, walking out of the mass.

So many people were feeling the loss, as they watched the images of the fire ripping through the 800-year-old gothic structure.

“That french church is a symbol of my faith,” said Peter James.

Over at the Archdiocese of Denver, the chancellor also was feeling the loss.

“It was the most visually stunning church I’ve ever been in,” said David Uebbing.  “It’s really a place where people can encounter God, and to see that going up in flames is just horrible.”



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