Veterans charity with Denver roots meets with President Trump in Oval Office

WASHINGTON — A veterans charity founded in Denver arranged a once-in-a-lifetime Oval Office meeting between President Trump and four World War II veterans.

Timothy Davis, President of The Greatest Generations Foundation, met at the White House Thursday with Trump and the four veterans, the oldest of which is 103.

One of the highlights of the visit: a promise from President Trump to Floyd Wigfield, 101, of Cumberland, Maryland.  Trump vowed to take Wigfield aboard Air Force One after the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy this June.

“We’ll work that out,” Trump said. “You’ll like Air Force One.”

The Greatest Generations Foundation was founded in Denver in 2004 by Davis, a native Australian.  The foundation has provided thousands of American veterans with the opportunity to return to the hallowed grounds where they served, and has also laid to rest those lost in battle, at no cost to the veterans.

FOX31 has partnered with the charity, documenting return trips to Pearl Harbor, Normandy and the Pacific islands.

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