CU students organize rally in opposition of final pick for university president

DENVER -- A group of students from the University of Colorado organized a rally to raise awareness around the Board of Regents top pick to be the university's new president.
"Midnight on Wednesday, we kind of reach out and said let's do something," student organizer Rachel Ward said.
Mark Kennedy, the sole presidential finalist from the University of North Dakota, is a former congressman. Some students and professors are upset by the candidate's past voting record, which includes a stance against gay marriage.
In an open letter on the university's website, Kennedy addresses his past voting record.
"Would I vote the same way today? No. My record in supporting the LGBTQ+ community reflects a deep respect for the dignity of each individual.
Students, faculty, staff and members of our community will have my full support and respect no matter who they love or how they identify.
I am committed to be a leader for all."
In response to the student rally, the university said in a statement: "Our campus supports free expression as outlined in our Regent Policy and our students are welcome to express their points of view.  We are pleased that our community will be given the opportunity to hear directly from candidate Mark Kennedy on April 26."
Kennedy has plans to tour all four of CU's campus the week of April 22. (link:

Mark Kennedy

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