Denver developer apologizes for saying Mayor Hancock’s photo looks like a “mug shot”

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock

DENVER — A well known Denver developer, who is often critical of Hancock on social media, is apologizing after an inappropriate tweet.

Kyle Zeppelin,  who operates Zeppelin Development, referred to Hancock’s twitter picture as a mugshot. Zeppelin Development is credited with transforming several Denver neighborhoods, most notably RiNo.

“Does it look like a mugshot or is it just me?” Zeppelin said on his social media account.


Zeppelin has since apologized saying it was “racially insensitive.”

Zeppelin’s comments would perhaps not be newsworthy if it weren’t for the fact he has been a longtime supporter of one of Hancock’s top challengers Jamie Gillies. Financial data shows contributions to Gillies. 

Zeppelin also routinely bashes the Mayor online.

Mayor Hancock’s spokesman Theresa Marchetta responded to the social media criticism:

“It’s one thing to disagree on policy or politics. But it’s completely unacceptable to target the Mayor personally in such a hateful manner, particularly when we are seeing a rise in repugnant, racist and anti-Semitic crimes. These acts do not represent the inclusive Denver our Mayor, our City and our residents are proud of,” Marchetta said.

Ballots in the Denver Mayoral election go out next week. The election is May 7th.


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