Firefighters on Colorado’s eastern Plains prepare for blizzard

ELBERT COUNTY, Colo. -- Emergency workers on the eastern Plains are urging people to be prepared ahead of the storm expected to hit Wednesday afternoon.

During March's blizzard, firefighters in Elbert County used its Sno-Cat to rescue people trapped on the road.

Now, the town of Elizabeth is trying to make sure people know about the storm and have taken steps to prepare.

"We’ve definitely gotten the message out two days ago," said Kara Gerczynski, a spokeswoman for the town.

Firefighters are encouraging people to stay off the roads during the storm if they can. The number of people taken to shelters during the March storm was more than double what was expected.

"Whatever you do, we just want people to get out and get back before that frame so that we're not put out putting our resources on the line to rescue people out of vehicles," said Heath Aldridge, a firefighter and operations chief at the Elizabeth Fire Department.

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