Nipsey Hussle tributes being created in Denver

DENVER- California native and famed rapper Nipsey Hussle still on the minds of so many almost a week after he died. The artist was shot outside one of his LA clothing stores.

It's clear the legacy of the star has inspired so many even those who didn't know the rapper. Nipsey Hussle tributes and memorials have popped up all over the country, in Denver too.

Denver is miles away from the crime scene, but if you look hard enough there are signs and various clues the death of what some would call in icon, is felt in Denver.

“I created the day that he passed away," Denver artist Dan "Dunn" Ericson. “It made me sad just knowing we’ve lost another voice in the community.”

One particular tribute piece was done by Denver native and artist, Dan "Dunn" Ericson.

Ericson said, “His dedication to the community, his just constantly evolving his craft, constantly innovating”

The artist created a portrait of the late rapper drawn on a stop sign. The choice to use a stop sign, done on purpose.

“His legacy doesn’t stop but his life has stopped," Ericson said. “I was kind of doing more of like a stop the violence kind of thing like bring that back up again."

There's a lot of talk around what really happened to Nipsey, but there's also a lot of love and hope, tributes too.

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