Grieving daughter says thief stole handwritten thank you letters from mailbox

DENVER -- A grieving daughter is devastated a thief stole a dozen handwritten thank you letters she wrote to her mother's friends thanking them for their support in the wake of her mom's death.

She hopes her message urges the thief to turn the letters into USPS and that it also reminds the community to be kind.

Leah Brite's mother died unexpectedly while on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica -- she was swept out into the ocean and drowned. Since then, Brite said her mother's community of friends have helped her grieve.

Brite penned personal letters to all of her mom's friends that have helped her -- filling the pages with gratitude and emotion. Brite was devastated someone stole the letters from her mailbox at 3 a.m.

"It’s the first time we have ever had something taken and for it to be something like this, during a time of grief, when we need support, it was painful," said Brite.

Brite hopes the person realizes what they stole, and drops them off in the mail. Even if that doesn't happen, she hopes sharing her story reminds everyone to be kind to one another.

"We want this to feel like this is a community that supports one another and gives to one another, rather than takes one another," said Brite.

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