Who is spending the most in Denver’s Mayor race?

DENVER -- Denver is less than 20 days away from ballots being mailed out in the race for Mayor.

The Mayoral election is set for May 7th.

Over the course of the next several weeks, candidates will be kicking it into high gear. On Monday, incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock announced campaign commercials will be hitting the airwaves.

So who has the edge? Who is spending the most?

According to the most recently filed campaign finance data, incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock has spent $1.7 million as of March 18th on his campaign. Hancock has $145,000 cash on hand.

Hancock's fundraising totals easily trump his nearest competitors.

Urban planner Jamie Giellis has spent $218,289; Former State Senator Penfield Tate $165,659; Lisa Calderon $53,560; Stephan Evans $1356; Kaylyn Rose Heffernan $844.

While most political insiders concede Hancock is the favorite there is still a question as to whether he can receive 50% plus one in the election. If he doesn't Hancock would face a runoff election on June 4th.

Interest from Denver residents is one thing politicos are following in this race. The 2015 mayoral race only received 29% turnout.

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