Proposed bill in Connecticut would crack down on ‘distracted walking’

HARTFORD, Conn. — Distracted driving is illegal in most places. Now, some Connecticut lawmakers are trying to make distracted walking illegal, according to WFSB.

Too many people are on their phones and not paying attention while crossing city streets, those in favor of a new bill believe.

“People definitely do it, but not everybody. Nobody should do it. There are certain people that really shouldn’t do it,” said Emily Burman of West Hartford.

The bill before the state’s legislature would allow police to give people a $20 ticket.

“I think it’s a good idea. If we’re going to hold drivers to a certain standard to not be on their phones while driving — which is obviously a good idea — then we should also do that for pedestrians,” said Jessica Tagliarini, of West Hartford.

The bill passed a hurdle this week and got approval from members on the Transportation Committee.

It now goes to the Senate for a vote.

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