Metro girl who needed transplant gets kidney

AURORA, Colo. -- Local girl who needed transplant gets kidney

We introduced you to Davasia Goens a couple of weeks ago when she was desperate for a donor. Now, she is walking just days after her surgery.

The Problem Solvers featured Davasia when she was on dialysis in need of a kidney. Wegener's disease, also known as GPA, was the diagnosis and a kidney transplant was the only cure.

“It’s unbelievable, to say the least," said Melanie Goens, Davasia's mother.

Davasia had the successful surgery earlier this week. She received the kidney from a deceased donor.

“I was pretty happy," Davasia said.

Now, days post surgery and Davasia is talking big plans. She has a long list of everything she couldn't do before.

“Probably when I get home, I'm going to eat a couple of chips," Davasia said.

With kidney failure, a lot of things are limited, so Melanie says some things as simple as bathing get Davasia excited.

“She said, 'Mama, I can’t wait to take a bath and a shower,'" Melanie said.

Perhaps the most memorable moment speaking with Davasia was the shout-out we promised to give to her best friend.

“Just thank you for always being there and staying by my side and being my best friend," Davasia said.

Davasia wants to thank everybody who helped her, including all the doctors, nurses, friends and family. One group she'll never forget are all the rest of the children still up in dialysis who need a kidney just like she did.

“I also want people to know that I wasn’t the only one who needed a kidney, that there is lots of other kids up at dialysis who still need kidneys," Davasia said.

If all goes well, Davasia should be back to her regular routine in six weeks.

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