Did Hickenlooper miss an opportunity in his first town hall?

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DENVER -- Former Colorado governor and presidential candidate John Hickenlooper needed a moment during his first nationally televised town hall on CNN Wednesday.

He had one. In fact, he had several.

Whether it was him saying, "So, I took my mother to see 'Deep Throat,'" or, "How come we're not asking more often, the women, why aren't you putting a man on the ticket?"

Hickenlooper was trending nationwide, but not all for good reasons.

CNN political analysts called the female vice president question "painful" to watch. The Washington Post said, "Hickenlooper was asked if he'd choose a female running mate. He should have stopped with 'of course.'"

For those that have covered Gov. Hickenlooper over the years, statements which need clarification later are not uncommon. Hickenlooper's spokeswoman Lauren Hitt clarified his female VP remarks after the town hall.

But did Hickenlooper, a long-shot candidate for the presidency, deal his campaign a fatal blow?

"Fatal? Not at all. Learning experience? Yes," said Andy Boian, a FOX31 political analyst who has advised Hickenlooper informally over the years.

Boian reminded critics the campaign is still early -- not to mention Hickenlooper has always run campaigns a little differently.

"He does it with gaffs. He does it with crooked ties," Boian said.

Boian said the lesson is a quick reminder to the new presidential candidate of how words are carefully scrutinized when seeking the White House. Any positive from the town hall? More people know who Hickenlooper is.

"Welcome to presidential politics," Boian added.

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