Pothole problems popping up all over metro after back-to-back storms

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DENVER -- Drivers across the metro are complaining of problematic potholes as crews work to fix roads after back-to-back storms.

The Colorado Department of Transportation said potholes are big and abundant right now because of an onslaught of storms that came in rapid succession. Crews that usually go out and repair potholes after each storm didn't have an opportunity to do so before more weather moved in. Now, crews are hitting the roads repairing potholes.

"We are getting a lot of potholes. In between plowing snow, we are doing pot holes and a lot more of them than we normally do because of the weather," said Michael Jones.

Potholes form because of the 'freeze thaw cycle.' Water from snow or rain permeates the roads. The water freezes causes the underlayer of the road to expand. When the street thaws, a pothole is formed.

Jones worked at CDOT for more than 20 years. He said this season has been particularly busy for CDOT.

"It’s been pretty unique. We haven’t had storms like this. When I started back in 1994, I have experienced some of the bigger blizzards of 2003, 2006. So I think we’re overdue. It’s been a while since we’ve had these kinds of snow storms," said Jones.

Drivers can report potholes they encounter on highways and interstates to CDOT by clicking here.

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