RipBeams for Leukemia

Denver – It’s a Unique 2 Colorado company that’s bringing smiles to the faces of kids going through leukemia. The company Ripbeams provides handmade knitted or crocheted beanies to inspire children fighting for their lives.

The idea for Ripbeams was inspired by Melissa Rippy’s father Jeffrey Kriss Rippy who was diagnosed with Acute Myleoid Leukemia in September 2017 and lost his battle in December 2017.  During his treatment at the hospital, he mentioned how he truly hated it when he saw bald children that were fighting Leukemia and so Ripbeams was created in his honor.

Since then, Ripbeams have collected over 2500 beanies and given them to kids with Leukemia in 29 states.

If you would like to support Ripbeams, join them on Friday, March 22nd 5-8pm at Big Choice Brewing & Pizza in Brighton.


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