Metro public works departments in good shape despite wet winter

GOLDEN -- Public Works departments throughout the Denver area say despite last week's storm, they remain in good shape to remain under budget for the year.

In Golden, the blizzard cost the city nearly $15,000 - their sixth most expensive of the year - but Public Works Director Dan Hartman says the timing of the storm, was actually a blessing in disguise.

"This was a Wednesday storm, which means we had a lot of people on normal shift to deal with the storm. If this type of storm happens on a weekend, it's more overtime hours, so that helps."

Since October, his crews have had to clean up 15 storms.

"At this point in time, we're in very good shape," says Hartman. "We have plenty of de-icer to get through the balance of this winter. We will re-stock at the end of the fall, so we have no problems."

He says the storms have been small, and easy to clean up after.

"Normally we will have a few storms that are a foot and a half or more, and in those types of storms we have to load up snow and haul it out of the downtown, we haven't had to do that this year, and that saves us on snow removal."

Denver and Aurora both remain below budget as well.

"Our drivers worked a few 12-hour shifts in support of snow removal operations last week, which is not unusual for us this time of year; therefore, DPW did not expend an atpyical amount of money clearing snow during last week's storm," says Heather Burke with Denver Public Works.

On a statewide level, a spokesperson for CDOT says it's still too early to know how costly avalanche mitigation will impact their annual snow operations budget.

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