Denver picked as Ireland’s choice city for St. Patrick’s Day weekend

DENVER -- One of the largest St. Patrick's Day parades west of the Mississippi takes place every year in Downtown Denver. Now. the city is being recognized for its efforts.

Every year a member of the Irish government picks a US city to visit during the holiday weekend, and this year their city of choice was in Colorado.

“From the Irish government it’s a huge thank you," Mary Mitchell O'Connor, Ireland's Minister of State for Higher Education said. “We have heard how wonderful the parade was. 400,000 people paraded here last year, and we just wanted to come to Denver and say thank you to the people of Denver for the work that they have done.”

Mary Mitchell O'Connor, a member of the Irish government, was in Colorado for the weekend to enjoy the parade. She's also in town because Denver was picked as the city to visit on St. Patrick's Day. It is an honor given by the Irish government.

O'Connor said, “Its just been wonderful.”

“What I really love is the warmth of the American people," O'Connor also said.

Denver was recommended as a choice city by the Department of Foreign Affairs, not just for the city's large parade, but for how the city hosted a member of the Irish government years prior.

O'Connor also spent time with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Colorado Governor Jared Polis.

She said they talked about how Colorado and Ireland could collaborate.

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