Georgia 5-year-old’s hilarious school photo goes viral

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ATLANTA — A Georgia kindergartner is going viral for making people around the world smile with his hilarious school photo.

5-year-old Andrew Miles has always been silly with a big personality, according to his mother, Andriel Miles, but she wasn’t expecting what she saw his kindergarten photos.

“I just screamed. I was like, ‘Oh, my,'” she told WMAZ. “I asked him if anyone asked him to make that face. He said, ‘No, I just made it.'”

At first she wasn’t happy about the photos and vented about it on Facebook.

“I’m so mad right now!” Miles posted. “I checked my sons book bag and find these!!!!”

But eventually the positive comments warmed her heart and she now embraces the photos.

“They opened my eyes to see that everything doesn’t need to be cookie cutter. Being yourself is even more amazing!” she said. “Knowing that his silly picture brought joy all over the world, how can I continue to be flustered?” she said.

The photos of him have since gone viral with more than over 40,000 shares.

His mom tells WMAZ she plans on purchasing the photos but is ordering retakes.

Andrew says he plans on making the same face next year.

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