Colorado student activists prepare to strike for climate change action

BOULDER, Colo. -- Around the world, thousands of young people are demanding action on climate change. Some students in Colorado are preparing to miss class Friday as part of the U.S. Youth Climate Strike.

“We just need to be telling youth to speak up and get educated about this, because their voice can really influence policy,” said CU Boulder freshman Emilie Craig.

College and high school students in Boulder, Fort Collins and other cities across the country will step out of school for the strike.

Students like Marlow Baines point to Wednesday’s historic storm in Colorado as an example of climate change’s effects.

“We only have a very short time to act on climate change, and [we] need to start now,” Baines said. “We’re going to start seeing those events more and more.”

Some students believe missing some classes will be a lesson for adults to understand how much this issue impacts a younger generation.

“Why would we go to school if there’s going to be no future for us to live in?” said Althea Wilson, a high school junior from the Boulder area.

In terms of practical changes, some students are hoping for stricter regulations and more ambitious goals when it comes to renewable energy. They also want to shift the focus away from fossil fuels.

“A movement of deregulation, it really concerns me, because we can see the direct correlation between fossil fuel practices, carbon emissions, the greenhouse effect and climate change as a whole,” said CU Boulder student Mike Jacobs.

Movement organizers are also pushing for a national emergency declaration for climate change. Students will gather at the Boulder Bandshell at 12 p.m. Friday before marching downtown.

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