Valor Christian employee leaves for Kenya after visa renewal denied

DENVER -- A beloved IT expert at Valor Christian High School in Highlands Ranch was forced to leave the United States on Thursday.

For weeks, students at Anthony Wanjiru's school used social media to try to get help for Wanjiru, but it didn't work. His request for a visa renewal was denied and he left for Kenya Thursday morning.

"A lot of anxiety," Wanjiru said.

Thursday was a goodbye Wanjiru never wanted. His students didn't want it, either.

“We’re his students but also his friends. We love the guy," Hunter Khan said.

Wanjiru was in Colorado for eight years.

"It’s heartbreaking to watch him leave and have this happen to him is just really painful," said one of Wanjiru's students, Spencer Pankratz.

“This is home. This is where I’ve invested all my life, everything," Wanjiru said.

Wanjiru's impact was so big, his students showed up at Denver International Airport to say goodbye.

"We’re not going to miss the day he’s going to leave," Khan said.

“Today, in the morning, first thing I did was go and check the mailbox to see maybe immigration might have sent a letter saying, 'Oh, we reviewed your case and we have decided you can stay,'" Wanjiru said.

Wanjiru will head back to Nairobi, Kenya and try to re-apply for his visa.

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