Denver libraries utilize strict procedures to prevent bed bugs in books, furniture

DENVER -- Denver Public Library said it utilizes strict procedures and years of training to keep bed bugs out of library books and furniture, mimicking other libraries across the U.S.

Denver Public Library spokesperson Chris Henning said concerns about bed bugs started several years ago, when bed bugs ran rampant across the U.S.

"Public libraries -- any kind of library -- have struggled with this for years. It only takes one or two to make a problem," said Henning.

In response to the bed bug uptick, Denver Public Library implemented a series of safeguards to keep bed bugs out of libraries. Every time a book is returned, it is inspected by library staff. Any book that exhibits signs of a bed bug is bagged and tossed in the trash. Henning said custodial staff also make frequent rounds around the library inspecting furniture and carpet for bed bugs.

"We have staff that are trained to know just about every bug that you can imagine so they can say yes that is one, no that isn’t one," said Henning.

Henning said bed bug sightings at Denver Public Library are rare -- with only one or two cases reported a year. Henning said the staff is pleased to see they haven't had a single bed bug sighting in the last year.

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