Caught on camera: Denver neighborhood searching for hit-and-run driver on snowy street

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DENVER — A Berkely neighborhood porch cam captured a pickup truck crash into two cars and take off on Feb. 23, near 44th and King Street.

A neighbor's surveillance video revealed something else, an out-of-control truck, sliding down a snowy street.

"When we woke up in the morning, our doorbell was ringing, and it was our neighbor coming over to let us know we had all been hit," Nichole McGee said. "At first we thought it was a snowplow because the damage was so bad to it."

The porch cam video shows a silver pickup truck losing control on 44th, before sliding into McGee's car.

"It doesn't look like they brake at all, even after they smash into the first car," McGee said. "They didn't even stop."

Initially, McGee was hopeful when she heard the crash was captured on video.

"We were definitely hopeful that they might be able to do something, but it's just a little too grainy to see who it is," McGee said.

Suzanne Marcotte's car was parked in front of McGee's and was also totaled.

"We were devastated," she says. "We only have liability insurance on the car because it was totaled out in the hailstorm a year and a half ago, so we're just out a car now."

Denver Police have not returned our calls for information on this investigation. Neighbors are asking anyone who might see a silver pickup truck with new front-end damage to call the police.


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