Necropsy of mountain lion confirms trail runner’s story

Travis Kauffman

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — The final necropsy report of the mountain lion killed by Fort Collins trail runner Travis Kauffman confirms the cat was strangled and bludgeoned, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said Thursday.

“Necropsy findings suggest blunt trauma to the head, and also support the victim’s description of strangulation based on petechial hemorrhages to larynx and trachea,” according to the report.

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The mountain lion attacked Kauffman, 31, on the West Ridge Trail on Horsetooth Mountain in the foothills west of Fort Collins on Feb. 4.

Kauffman said he used a large rock and pummeled the lion in the back of the head. He then choked the animal to death with his hands, arms and feet after it bit and clawed him in the face and on his body.

The exact weight of the animal could not be established because it was heavily scavenged, including the left side of the rib cage, the report said.

What was left of the mountain lion weighed 24 pounds, but it’s live weight was about 35 to 40 pounds, the report says.

The mountain lion was estimated to be about three to four months old.

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