There’s a new disease that is killing ducks and geese across the Denver metro

DENVER -- Colorado wildlife officials are warning about a new disease that’s killing ducks and geese in the Denver metro area.

It's called "new duck disease" and wildlife officials say it is a bacterial infection that can spread quickly through the large populations of ducks and geese because they tend to congregate in large flocks at this time of year near open water.

So far, hundreds of dead waterfowl have been reported all over the metro area and there could be more.  Officials say that if you see a dead or dying animal, stay away and don't try to handle it yourself.

"If you come across dead geese contact local managing authority, animal control or park manager let them handle it, don’t try to discard the carcasses and keep your pets away as well," said Jason Clay with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Wildlife officials say the "new duck disease" is not the same as the much more dangerous avian flu. Tests continue on the dead waterfowl as the Department of Parks and Wildlife monitors the spread of the disease.

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