Family of Denver quadruple murder victims worried after killer applies for parole

DENVER -- A family reaching out to the FOX31 Problem Solvers Wednesday after they received notice that the man who killed four of their loved ones applied for parole.

In 2003, three family members and a friend were shot and killed by a man they all knew. Edward Herrera is currently serving four consecutive life sentences for the murders.

Earlier this month, the family received an email saying Herrera had applied for parole.

“The murder was really, really gruesome," said one of the victim's daughters, Kimberly Leyba.

Herrera applied for Special Needs Parole, which is for inmates who have a debilitation or mental health conditions.

“My heart dropped because I’m still scared for my life," Leyba said. “I feel sick to my stomach, scared, and I’m just in disbelief that it’s even possible for him to get the feeling of, 'I may be free.'"

“It exists," said criminal law attorney David Bellar.

This type of parole is an option, but according to Bellar, it's not an option for Herrera.

“No one who has been convicted of homicide or any other class-one felony would be eligible for compassionate release," said Bellar.

“I really don’t care what he has. My mom and them had no choice to be sick and die that way, and I believe that he shouldn’t be walking the street just because he’s sick," Leyba said.

The family was told Herrera did have a stroke, suffers from dementia, and now uses a wheelchair to get around.

FOX31 did talk to the Department of Corrections. It said even if someone is not eligible for parole, they have every right to apply.

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