Family and friends remember Uber driver killed in Denver carjacking

Dave Rosenthal is a man who had a hard time sitting still.

"We saw concerts. We went out to eat. We traveled. It seems like were never home," said Janelle Rosenthal, his wife.

The 58 year-old was killed last Friday when two thieves stole his car and shot him multiple times. Rosenthal was driving for Uber when he was murdered near Sloan's Lake.

"I'm angry this happened. I'm angry he was taken, but mostly I'm just trying to get through this day by day. This was senseless," said Rosenthal.

Tracy Rhines is also struggling to make sense of the senseless.

"He was my best friend. He really was. I loved that guy," said Rhines.

Rhines says Dave loved his job.

"He loved meeting all the different people and sharing views with them and exchanging ideas," he said.

Police have arrested two men who they believe were involved in Rosenthal's death, but not before the pair went on a crime spree that stretched across much of the western United States. Authorities say a woman from the strip club in Colorado Springs also joined them.

30 year-old Matthew Fanelli is accused of murdering Rosenthal. He and 31 year-old Jose Lopez-Jovel allegedly started their crime spree in Colorado Springs where they fired shots into a strip club.

Police say they then traveled north to Denver where they shot Rosenthal two hours later and stole his car.

The pair then allegedly headed north to Cheyenne, Wyoming where they robbed a convenience store at gunpoint. They then allegedly drove west to Park City, Utah where they robbed a Wells Fargo Bank at gunpoint.

The crime spree ended near Roseburg, Oregon, but not before the pair allegedly shot another man and assaulted a woman.

Dave Rosenthal's loved ones say they'll never understand why anyone would kill the man they loved all over a car.

"I'm just angry because he would have just given them the car, and more than that, I think he would have tried to be their friends. He would have tried to help them," said Janelle Rosenthal.

"He's my boy and I'm just going to miss him forever. That's never going to go away," added Rhines.

Rosenthal's family is now trying to raise money to help pay for funeral costs. You can help by clicking here.

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