Couple hear noise downstairs, finds 2 intruders using their shower

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A California couple were left feeling shocked and violated after two people broke into their home, got naked and used their shower.

"The first thing that hits me is the smell. Sewer mixed with vomit mixed with B.O. mixed with dirty feet. Yeah, it made my eyes water," Kari Halen told KTXL.

The smell hit Halen in the downstairs portion of her home a few weeks ago when she went to check on a noise.

That's when she says she came across a "very large, 6-foot-plus man, 200 pounds, naked with my towel wrapped around him."

The intruder was not alone. Halen and her partner Glenn also found a naked woman using their shower.

Halen says the two unwelcome guests helped themselves to the oven and electric heater as well.

"I’m looking at him and I go, 'What are you doing?'" Halen said.

After a heated argument and a call to 911, Halen says they finally left.

The Sacramento Police Department told KTXL the two were arrested in downtown Sacramento, a few blocks from Halen's home.

"I think the one thing I’d say is don’t get into a confrontation with these people," Sacramento police officer Jeff Huhlmann said.

Huhlmann patrols the downtown Sacramento area, where he says there’s been a rise in the homeless population and, therefore, incidents like the one at Halen’s home. Typically, he says homeless people aren’t violent.

"For the most part, in the downtown area they’re just wanting to stay dry, maybe get something to eat," he said.

Still, the encounter was frightening for Halen. She says police informed her the two are already out of jail and that isn’t sitting well with her.

"How about consequences?" she said. "If you break into somebody’s home you have to pay the consequences."

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